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On our blockchain dating app

AMORE is an online dating app to meet new people, date like-minded singles nearby, and make friends. But, there is a catch. You can utilize blockchain technology and acquire specific tokens that can be used on a variety of actions. This is what this secure dating app is all about.

Amore allows you to chat and meet single girls and women nearby. Using this dating app, you can find the right matches based on your preferences and interests. You only need to provide some details about yourself and leave the rest to the top-notch matchmaking algorithm.

What Amore Envisions?

The quality team of Amore has a collective experience in Blockchain of many years. Over the past few years, we have collected the best blockchain experts from around the globe to plan out and develop the next-generation dating platform. However, the issues related to blockchain acceptance deter us from publicly announcing the name of our team members

Engaging, very easy to use

Our focus with AMORE is to ensure that you can always find the best possible date quickly. We created a top of the line algorithms that makes it easy to match you with the right person that suits your style and requirements. It’s a wonderful, innovative approach that guides you towards like-minded people which you will surely enjoy.

How is Amore different?

Amore takes a decentralized system that can allow complete transparency in online dating. The BSC blockchain technology is used to power the platform, which means that everything is as transparent as possible. Amore will release its token named AMORE which will govern all the required functions of the dating application. Amore uses these functions to ensure the best services to the users. However, the best part is that there is no need to pay any recurring fee or excessive advertisement expenses with a token at hand.

Why choose us?

Here at AMORE we believe that the blockchain is offering incredible benefits and it puts the power in hands of all its users. We think this is the future, and we want to empower users to start enjoying the content they want, the way they want, while using blockchain technology.

If you enjoy the idea of a free dating environment where everything is under your control, all while having blockchain support, give AMORE a try today. This is the best way to enjoy some of the most interesting, exciting dating experiences, all powered by state of the art technology.

Chand Singh
Cofounder & CEO
I as a technocrat love to be on the architecture side of products, making scalable solutions & learning new emerging technologies. As an Entrepreneur love to understand/read industries, finding problems of the industries, crafting solutions for them, building teams & motivating them.
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